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Chargeback is the monetary penalty raised by the financial banks on the demand of card holder. It is the result of dissatisfaction attitude towards that service or goods delivered to the customer.

All the transactions are filtered through the resilient procedural technical filters. Also you can educate the bar of the security from the settings section of your merchant panel in addition to this, we raise reversal request for any potential fraud or chargeback and you have 7 days to either accept it or speak with the customer and de-escalate the reversal case with correct representment.

Every chargeback have a different reason code and relentlessness. In general a chargeback can be represented by a transaction receipt signed by the customer along with substantial documents like proof of delivery or proof of product dispatch along with the invoices and customer KYC

No, that is not possible. We strictly follow the guidelines of PCI DSS, That’s the reason we can’t allow you to charge the customers at your IP. The customers have to initiate the transaction at their own IP.

If you receive many excessive chargebacks one after other on your account, you will reach to the threshold zone designed by the card network. This is like warning sign. If you get fail to control the chargebacks due to frauds, your accounts may undergo monitoring program.

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