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The use of online business platforms for shopping has becoming very popular in recent times. Home Everyday new businesses are being born around the world. It is therefore essential for any online merchant store to maintain the most innovative and up to date technology within their operations and functionality. One of the ways this can be done is by implementing the one click payment system. The One click payment system requires that an on line shopper enters his/her credit card details online for the first time when shopping. This details are usually expected to be filled into a check box provided on a website of a particular online store. After the first purchase the information of the customer can be kept by the company after seeking consent for approval from the customer. After customer approval, from the second purchase onward, purchases can be
made from that particular website with just a single click. The One click payment system has the following advantages

1. Simplifies the payment process especially for returning buyers: After the first purchase, the customer will only need to enter his/her card security code and click in other to authorize payment.
2. It enables online merchant stores to retain customers to their site due to the facilitation of the repeat buyer process.
3. This system when used by a company has the potential to change a customer variation towards its services for good. It creates incentives for a customer to return and buy again.

1. Online merchant stores that do not implement this technology are slow in their transactions .Speedy delivery can be regarded as one of the main priorities of online businesses.This technology does not only help in the functioning of online stores but also of brick and motor stores. It facilitates payment by using single click option for delivery after a customer has made his or her choice.
2. Online Stores who do not implement this system lack convenience in their services. Thus the purchasing process on their websites are being delayed . These greatly effect the customers.
3. Online stores that do not put this technology in place turn to slack customers. This is because customers (especially young customers) will go for systems that use latest technology and make purchasing easier.
4. Online stores that do not implement the one click payment system have slim chances to survive future competition. Customers of a particular online store may become discouraged even if they love a product. This is because even if the products you deliver are unique, its just a matter of time before someone with a better payment strategy takes over your niche.

In order to implement this technology in your merchant store, you should have a company that can make you an e commerce offering that can handle the implementation and functionality of this service. A company that delivers the one click payment service to other companies must have the following features. Firstly the issuing company should be able to provide security to customer information Anyone who purchases a product or service online takes security to be of main concern. In the past so many security contracts have been violated .This has created alerts in the minds of online customers. Also, merchants store experienced a high rate of chargeback. A system security must be reliable with the most up to date security features. Such is the security feature offered by 3 D noninvasive security system. This security feature does not only have the ability to protect information but also the ability to maintains customers loyalty due to confidence in services .it can also increase the output of any merchant store due to increase customer confidence and hence purchase increase. That said, for a company to apply the one click payment system, the company must trust the partner who is responsible for the Implementation and the built up of the
system to support payment. Secondly have a system that is fast and that can retain customers choice, shipping information and up to date delivery. A liable system must be prepared to handle changes in credit card numbers and expiration dates. The system must be fast enough to adapt to the changes requested by customers. These changes are usually initiated when a customer discovers that there has been a theft of his or her credit card information. This changes include, change of password, change of credit card etc.

PayQ makes card payment acceptance simple for any Internet based business. This include speedy deliveries with the implementation of the one click payment systems. PayQ has the capacity as one of the best companies in the world to implement the major security standards of gateway providers round the world.

With the implementing of the latest payment technology for merchant store owners, PayQ stands out as one of the leading companies for online security payments. PayQ does not only have this technology within its sphere of functionality but they also offer it to other companies who are in need for better experiences. Their services are top notch and customer centric. For a quick browsing experience you can visit the Pay Q website. For a faster browsing experience, visit the PayQ FAQ page. In the PayQ FAQ page you will discover that some of the questions you already have in mind have been addressed for simplicity purposes. Some of the features offered by PayQ are; I. DEVELOP SUPPORT FOR USERS: Maybe your organization has been entrapped in a bank dispute. PayQ offers support as well as advice to partner companies in need.

Even though PayQ is well known for its top quality services, its services are still very affordable. PayQ as a company implements very moderate pricing and has one of the lowest chargeback rates. It has the following features.
a) For customers purchasing services worth more than GBP.50,000 per month payQ offers them an enterprise solution.
b) PayQ charges 2.9 % per transaction fee.

c) Requires no annual maintenance fees: PayQ as compared to other gateway providers require no annual maintenance fee for its services.
d) Accepts payments through the most popular means: PayQ offers businesses the ability to accept multiple means of payment.

Paying for goods and services through systems provided by PayQ company have never been made easier with the use of the one click payment systems. Payments powered by PayQ have a reputation for security and top notch delivery

IV. ACCOUNTS AND OTHER SETTINGS: Setting up accounts with the PayQ system is very easy and straight forward.

V. REFUNDS AND CHARGEBACKS: PayQ themes and policy are such that if favors the buyer and as well as protect the interest of the merchant store that uses its services.
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Speed of a transaction can be broadly explained in two main categories. Firstly, speed can refer to the amount of time that a system will take to perform a transaction. This may be due to host and server issues. Secondly speed can be explained as the time a potential customer will take to perform a transaction when he/she locks into a website. This largely depends on the design of the webpage. It largely takes into consideration the use of the one click payment system and a seamless checkout process.

The quicker the transaction speed, the faster the responding process and hence the better the customer experience. The processing of credit card information should be within the shortest time possible. The speed depends on several factors.
I. The host: The web host technology you are using should be fast and reliable. A host is supposed to provide the technology for organizational services for Websites. So that web pages can be viewed on the internet. Website host are stored on computers called servers.
II. The server: Findings and research should be conducted about a particular server before they are chosen. Find out the history of the company offering the server services. A server that has been slow will certainly not deliver.
III. The internet connection of the payment gateway user: Before choosing a payment gateway make sure you find out from current users about its efficiency. Apart of the above host and server issues, the owner of the online platform can improve on his website in other to get a better user experience. This can be done in the following ways


An optimized checkout page experience
They checkout pages of the websites should be designed in such a way that there will be homogeneity in appearance and page set up. Customers become suspicious of any malicious activities on websites. The absence of a seamless checkout option may frustrate users when they want to return to past information. Hence it is very important to design especially the payment page to be simple as possible. In case of any suspicion, customers will be very unwilling to summit their credit card information. Also diversions during payments to different sites are a red flag. In fact any unnecessary step in your payment that will divert customers attention should be removed. Especially when they appear on the payment page.

Cross border transactions
This generally refers to intercity or inter country transactions. The speed of inter city or inter country payments should be as fast as possible. This is because if they are slow a customer might cancel the transaction and even ask for a refund.

One click payment
In other to minimize transaction time and the burden of password memorization, the one click payment system should be used. With the one click payment system users can conclude their payments in seconds. With this system a buyer has an option to choose whether or not he wants to save his card information within the system for the future use of payment on that particular website. The rightful implementation of this system requires that the best security features are put place in other to prevent any case of credit card information theft.

FUNCTIONALITY AND EFFICIENCY Imagine a customer issuing multiple clicks because a particular website is not functioning only to discover that he or she has authorized multiple pay commands. This is a typical scenario that could lead to an immediate demand for a return of funds by a customer. Also the use of mobile smart devices such as smart phones with Internet connection have become one of the major means for online payment. That said, the design of a website should be in such a way that a particular website has a mobile friendly payment application in use.

Seamless checkout: After browsing through a particular website customers may like to return to previous pages as well as minimize the pop ups (cookies) that appear at certain times during the browsing process. When this does not happen they mostly become upset and this could lead to total abandonment of the entire transaction process. In order to improve your E commerce transaction make sure consumers can easily access a web page and leave with ease.

SECURITY: If customers do not feel safe about a particular website, they will leave. The implementation of security on a website depends on the security futures that you use. This is because certain security features have received global recognition for the proper protection of costumer data and credit card information. The most renowned being the 3-D 2.0 secure protection. This security system is being offered by specialized gateways such as the PayQ gateway system.

Gateway security: A payment gateway has as function to safely and efficiently transfer information between a website and an acquiring bank. Payment gateway services are usually offered by specialized financial institutions.

Privacy policy: With the increase in cyber crimes around the world, before potential customers want to purchase a particular product from a website they will love to know the creators of the company, where the company is registered, the location of the companies head office, terms governing the use of credit card information, ,conditions for which a particular transaction can be declared void etc .All these should be listed in the privacy policy of the company. A company that has not acquired a verifiable privacy policy rings a bell in the head of consumers when they visit a website.

Related products and services can be merged into the same category. That way when a potential customer clicks on a product or service, other product or services will be displayed for him or her to choose from. Also based on the user information, only the most essential services are being displayed. For newest arrivals the set of the most purchased products and services can be displayed. Cross sales are perfect for both small and large online stores.

Typical with sales subscription, customers are expected to buy and subscribe for information with regards to the latest date of expiry of their purchased products, the release of new designs and brands, last day of promotion. Rather than selling products individually, a subscription helps a business owner to sells periodically (monthly or yearly or seasonal) using information sent to potential buyers.

Non Invasive 3D Security : Sentinel For Online Frauds
Features and product you need for high risk payment gateway
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Chargebacks usually occurs when a customer demands for a refunding due to dissatisfaction of a particular transaction or a failed transaction instruction during a payment process. Chargebacks are designed to protect customers and ensure that their interests are served with regards to satisfaction. The most common reasons for charge backs are

1. Payment authorization failed but however charges have been deducted from the customers account.
2. An automatic renewal of payment occurs even after a customer did not request
3. Chargeback disputes can be filed when the funds agreed to be paid by a merchant store owner are not paid.
4. If customers were charged twice for the same product they have the right to file a chargeback.
5. Fraud from fake cardholders receives responds on charges without the actual owners permission leading to fraud charges.
6. New order not fulfilled
7. Wrong product description misleads customer to make a wrong purchase The above causes of chargebacks may be based on honest reasons as well as reasons that the merchant store or the card providers are not supposed to be blamed for. It is for these reasons that master card (a major card provider) has developed a dispute resolution initiative to monitor chargebacks.


This platform was created by master card in partnership with Microsoft word. It is designed in such a way as to simplify transactions between small businesses. The name of the platform is master card track. It works by connecting suppliers, buyers and lenders with other networks such as banks etc. Thus it functions as a platform that monitors high-risk transactions. High risk transaction issues deal with a lot of money that can easily be lost if care is not taken. Some of the charge backs paid by companies for example fraud charges are not in certain instances correct or in the best interest of the merchant store owner to pay. This is because the failure of a particular transaction or a wrongful payment for a particular commodity may not be the fault of a merchant store owner but could be blamed on the carelessness of the customer. At these instances the customer will take responsibility for any fraud charges. As from 2019 the master card foundation will ensure that customers of businesses and organizations registered to their platform will be able to, maintain, exchange and retrieve important information about their High risk transaction, trading partners and about themselves. This shall be done using the companies track trade directories which functions as a secured repository. Before now several suppliers had to use several platforms in other to reach different buyers. Connecting these networks to a single network track will facilitate easier communication for both suppliers and buyers. With this system, suppliers will enter company information once on this platform and have the ability to monitor their cash flow across several networks. Master Card Track will connect all types of payments especially, bank transfers, account based payments, card based payments, invoice, purchase order information payments within the platform link etc. The use of this platform will go a long way to monitor payment transactions therefore reducing the liability of unnecessary fraud charge back within high risk transactions.

The main idea behind this initiative is to enhance the dispute handling process by detecting invalid disputes, reducing the time for dispute handling, and creation and uploading of particular dispute codes and their conditions .That said, with the use of this codes a standard of action can be agreed to be taken for all circumstances patterning to a particular reason. This dispute resolution initiative shall be implemented in specific phases.

Shall be implemented from the 12 OCTOBER 2018.Within time frame of phase one, there shall be no developmental changes as far as responds to the problems posed are consent.In this phase people issuing chargeback complains will be required to ask more information from their card holders.
The charge back reasons shall apply the following codes,
1. 4853: Cardholder disputes for billing and recurring foods
2. 4831:Incorrect transaction amounts
3. 4834:Error at point of interaction
4. 4863: Card holders do not recognize the transaction information.
AIM: Master card aims to reduce invalid chargebacks raised without any provision of adequate information.

Implemented from APRIL 12 2019 Aspects or activities subjected to change by master card.
1. Any refund initiated after a chargeback has been reversed by an issue who is filing a second chargeback will result in a double loss. The initiation of refunds after a chargeback has been reversed is not recommended. It is advisable to communicate clearly with your shopper after performing a refund after the first chargeback.
2. There shall be automated dispute defense for fully refunded transactions and the information will always be sent to card holders.
3. In other to ensure that disputes are resolved within a short period of time, the time frame to file a chargeback complain for issues patterning to code 4834 has been reduced from 120 days to 90 days. Also some reason will no longer be the main reason for filling in a chargeback complains. 4863-Non recognition of card holder 4840-Fraudelent transactions

Shall be implemented from OCTOBER 18 2019
There shall be additional changes not yet known.

Shall be implemented on the 17 OF APRIL 2020
There shall be no second charge backs for the following reason;
1. 4853 - Cardholder Disputes
2. 4834 - Point of Interaction Error
3. 4837 - Fraud (excluding 4870 - Chip Liability Shift and 4871 - Chip/Pin liability shift chargeback)

1. The rightful use of dispute codes: Online merchants dealing with high risk transactions (monetary transactions) are supposed to know the dispute codes patterning to any chargeback event. Each need to have evidence that will serve as a prove when labeled with fraud charges. Without the knowledge of dispute codes, it is hard for merchants to win the argument. That said, merchants should be able to document and present the history of their transaction.
2. Having a document which shows clear refund policy by the company is very important. It is very important to be prepared and expect chargeback situations before they arrive. These statements should be made public on the merchant’s website in other to avoid cases of denial of preknowledge about nature of transaction. This mostly occurs in situations of fraud chargebacks.
3. Immediate actions should be taken in an occurrence of an event of chargeback dispute
4. Never dismiss any suspicious behavior.
5. Check and keep evidences that can be used to justify any misunderstanding.
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GDPR is the general data protection regulation stipulated by the EU to protect data and privacy information for all EU citizens and people within the European economic area. This law was created in other to give individual citizens control over their private data as well as state clearly state and regulate the international businesses must abide the rules to when operating within the EU and countries from the EU.

1) Companies should act with transparency: That is, companies should inform their customers about, how data shall be collected, how data shall be used where it shall be stored in their privacy policy documents etc.
2) Companies are to obtain the consent of their costumers before any information collection. For example someone may create an account and purchase a particular product or service but may not want his or her information to be used for other purposes for example marketing analysis.
3) Online merchants must ensure that all the personal information that they collect form people online is used solely for the required purpose.
4) People who upload their personal information have the right to delete, consultation correction. Usually this terms are displaced on the checkout pages of the website. The check out page is the page that is shown to online customers during a checkout process. The check out process refers to the process that a buyer of a particular product or service must go through when processing a particular product. The check out box includes information like the shipping method, payment method, amount to be paid, payment confirmation. It is important that the Web Pages are built in such a way that customers will ensure a seamless checkout process. The ensuring of a seamless checkout process is because when messages are displayed on the checkout pages, the buyer of a product or service has the right to accept to the terms and conditions, refuse the term and conditions or rather sick for more information. If navigation through a particular website is difficult, potential buyers could abandon the transaction. Under the new EU regulation privacy policy, all checkout pages should display documents or texts explaining clearly what the information collected in the text boxes would be used for. Information included in the text boxes should include; Information patterning to consent for direct marketing for examples do you want to receive monthly updates, if yes then click on the box below. The use of data by third parties should also be requested for examples do you want your information to be stored for future purposes. Keep in mind that all consent that you ask your users for are not supposed to be merged with text boxes. For cases where you do not need a permission make sure you state it clearly in your checkout box on your privacy page.

A seamless checkout page refers to a checkout page that is smooth, continuous or uniform in quality and combines information in an inconspicuous way. It should contain the following information
1. Include a buy now button that is highly responsive when clicked.
2. Add checkout buttons at the top and bottom of your web page for easy exit and navigation. customers may get pissed of if they dont see it.
3. Give users the option to chose whether they want to continue shopping even after the final product has been purchased.
4. Allow users to be able to print their cart receipts after payment.
5. Never forget to insert the links to your privacy policy page.
6. Show security features so as to win the confidence of buyers.
7. Allow a page the permits a rating system. that way ,people will be able to know know good your product or service is.
8. If the user is a returning customer the billing address should return prefilled with information

For example payments powered by payQ have a seamless cashout page and button within the PayQ website. This makes navigation easy for customers when the visit the pay Q website

Privacy policy refers to document that acts as a disclosure statement. It is used to provide information to clients about the security of their personal information when they visit your website. It contains information on how customer data is gathered, how it is stored and how it will be used.

Privacy policy should include the following information
1. Name of the company, year of creation and registration.
2. Identity of the CEO or main controller.
3. Contact details of the company.
4. Clear specification of the type of data collected.
5. How long they intend to store the data
6. How is the collected information processed and shared.
7. The use of cookies in a particular website is stated by a cookie clause.
8. What will be done in the event of change of privacy policy statement?
9. How to delete data
10. Can they quit the agreement at any point in time?
11. Which third party organizations handle tracking data? That is for example Google.
12. In case of an event of theft of information, you have to notify users within 72 hours.
An example of a registered company with a good company policy can be seen below.

PayQ as a leading gateway company and has the following points within its privacy policy

This Privacy Statement is designed to advise you about the type of information that PAYQ collects and the purposes for which this information is being processed, used, maintained and disclosed. It can be seen in the figure above.

PayQ, is an intergraded processing company of PayQ limited with Registration Number as 11427260.

This Privacy Statement is designed to advise you about the type of information that PAYQ collects and the purposes for which this information is being processed, used, maintained and disclosed.

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Have you ever wanted to pay for something online but later could not because the website required a lot of registration information and had no option for a one click payment ? or maybe returning to your previous choice was difficult due to the absence of seamless cash out button? .In todays world online companies and businesses have taken over the globe. According to statistics, better consumer experiences can increase sells by up to 30%. Hence online companies always want to know how to increase sells and how to avoid buyers dissatisfaction and complain. Online shopping today involves purchasing goods and services using a one click payment option. This implies that there is no face to face experience during online transactions. This means most business owners most at times cannot identify difficulties faced by their customers. Also during the purchasing process, some websites make it difficult for buyers to return to a previous pages due to lack of a seamless cash out option. Other dissatisfaction issues may occur due to credit card machine failure, prolonged payment processes and fraud .Most of these issues occur due to the lack of a secured payment gateway system like the 3D secure 2.0 offered by PayQ. No matter how good your product or service is, no one will love to visit your website if they know they are going to have a hard time. Knowing and understanding customers need is at the center of every successful business.

The nature and presentation of a particular website has a lot to do with customer satisfaction. The following points can be noted.
Slow websites are highly detested by consumers. That is, if a consumer clicks on the pages of a website and it delays to respond for a couple of minutes due to a host problem. Also the lack of faster payment options like the one click payment option and the seamless checkout option delays purchase and discourages consumers.
Customers hate to navigate through a particular website for long in search of a particular Item. Your website should divide items into categories. As well as provide one click payment option when a customer’s wants to return to their previous option. Also the accessibility of website on mobile devices is very important. For some websites, the display of Items on computer and mobile phones are completely different. Mobile commerce will have around 40% share of the total business that is done online, soon. The share will only increase in future. Apart from the PC version, your online business should also have a responsive, intuitive and consumer friendly mobile App. That said ,the display of items on mobile phones should be accessible.
. When an order takes a longer time than expected to get confirmed after the money has been deducted from the customer’s account, it could be very annoying .This is especially annoying when a customer has to go through a long payment procedure. It is highly recommended to use a fast speed gateway system such as the PayQ system. Also the use of the one click payment option is highly recommended due to the fact that before any payment you must insert a password. This will help reduce instances of chargebacks due to double payments.
Out of stock items on display is simply a waste of time as consumers are forced to click and spend time on what the online merchant store may not have. This can discourage any incentive for future purchase on the site.
Consumers who are security conscious of theft and fraudsters take keen interest to know how protected a particular website is before they release their card details for any form of payment.The advancement of security gateways has made it possible to run a safe and secured payment of a particular product and service on line. The most advance secure future is the 3D secure 2.0 security future.

3D Secure 2.0 3D secure 2.0 protect buyers from unauthorized users when shopping online. It enables buyers to validate the transactions they make over the internet by requesting a personal code. This code is usually sent to your cell phone or email address as a onetime pin. This system protects against fraudulent transactions by unauthorized individuals. Merchant can benefit from the 3D secure 2.0 feature that is offered today by PayQ. The feature adds another layer of security to the online transactions. The use of SSL technology is now basic. The payment gateway system should be compliant with the latest PCI: DSS 3.0 norm, and it is better if it has more/additional security features.
Providing customer service is one of the most powerful customer retention tools. Late delivery of product and late issue of payment receipts can make potential customers or buyers never to return to a particular online platform. Also refusal or failure to attend to customer problem by the customer service personnel’s frustrates and annoys customers and discourages any future engagements.


1. KNOW WHO IS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER FOR A PRODUCT: It is important to know age, sex, marital status and whether or not they may be religious sensitive.
2. WHAT CLASS OF PEOPLE ARE THEY: upper or middle class or even lower class
3. WHY DO THEY BUY A PARTICULAR PRODUCT OR SERVICE: This will help you identify customers needs and hence be able to correlate it with a particular product or service.
4. WHEN DO THEY USUALLY BUY: For small business owners this will help them to scale up their businesses. These will enable them develop tactical methods of approach or advertisement when the right time approaches.
5. HOW DO THEY USUALLY PAY FOR WHAT THEY BUY: For specific online products and services some buyers may like to pay using crypto currencies, credit cards or checks.
6. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOUR POTENTIAL BUYERS HAVE? This will help you match their needs with your offering.
7. WHAT MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD WHEN THEY BUY? Do well to appreciate your customers.
8. WHAT DO THEY THINK ABOUT YOU? Even though getting feed back over an online buyers experience may be a difficult task try as much as possible to always know about what your customers think about you.
9. WHAT DO THEY THINK ABOUT YOUR COMPETITORS? In this world of services and online marketing, there is an ever pressing need to be above your competitors in all you do. Hence it is important to identify your competitors and know why they have an added advantage.

For more comprehensive information, please visit our connecting blog or emails us for
newsletters at hello@payq.eu
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Non Invasive 3D Security : Sentinel For Online Frauds

The security of credit card information is of primary importance to anyone who buys or sells goods and services online. It is very important for online business owners to ensure that their customers get the necessary protection they deserve. The use of credit cards is liable to fraud and theft from fraudsters and illegal run merchant businesses. The pressing need for security gave birth to the creation of the 3D secure 2.0 system. This system is used by most merchant stores as a major security feature in their payment gateway systems. However even though the use of 3 D secure 2.0 systems have minimized fraud occurrences, there is still need for improvement within gateway systems and online stores because merchant stores using this system are still liable to a lot of charge backs. Once a transaction has passed through a 3D secure 2.0 authentication process, the burden of the said purchase has to be sent from a retailer to a card provider. But for this to happen, the rate of conversion of the payment should be fast and accurate.The conversion rate of some 3D secure 2.0 payment systems are low and at certain instances unreliable creating a situation of a high risk payment gateway. The low conversions rates occur mostly in systems that lack a good invasive system gateway provider, good web design structures which offer the option of a one click payment . That said, with a low conversion rate if a customer claims that he or she didnot authorize a transaction then a merchant store may have to pay significant charges. However with a non-invasive 3 D payment gateway, if the payment instruction by a customer was successful, and later the customer claims not to have authorized the payment, then the card provider takes responsibility for any issue of payment and settle disputes with the customer. Therefore in this system merchants are protected against unauthorized transaction chargebacks, and will hardly need to pay losses if there are any fraudulent issues regarding a payment. In addition, merchant stores will have fewer potential disputes to settle with customers and therefore save time and money.

Chargebacks usually occur when a customer demands for a return of money used for a purchase due to dissatisfaction or a failed cancellation instruction during a payment process. Chargebacks are designed to protect customers and ensure that their interests are served with regards to satisfaction. The most common reasons for charge backs are;
1. Payment authorization failed but however charges have been deducted from the customers account. This mostly occurs when the system is not responsive and a customer initiates multiple payment instructions using the one click payment button without knowing.
2. An automatic renewal of payment occurs even after a customer did not request
3. Charge back disputes can be filed when the funds agreed to be paid by a merchant store owner are not paid.
4. If customers were charged twice for the same product they have they right to charge back.
5. Fraud from fake cardholders receives responds on charges without the actual owners permission.
6. New order not fulfilled
7. Wrong product description misleads customer to make a wrong purchase.

A non invasive 3 D security system improves on existing 3 D 2.0 security systems by reducing fraud and keeping payments on track. With a non invasive 3 d security payment system merchant stores have the right to take a risk at instances. For example they have the right to approve payment if they think a customer simply made a mistake with their password or may be they may chose to accept only enrolled cards or chose to still accept payment even when a customer closes the 3D enrolled window that pops up during online payment. This will ensure that payments made for a particular transaction is truly authenticated and the risk for any refunding is
calculated, monitored and weighed by the merchants. This will go a long way to reduce chargebacks. Even though the causes of chargebacks cannot be fully avoided they can be minimized when the right programs are implemented. For example the use of the one click payment system to facilitate transaction.

With the one click payment system, costumers fill in all necessary information on the website before their first purchase. That is they set a default payment method and address for their orders. After filling in their credit card details and the address they want to use, they can click a single button, then sit back and wait for their stuff. Also Once your client is finished with his/her purchase on an e-shop, you can offer an option to save their card details for the future use. This system uses a high risk payment gateway.

This system allows customers to summit their credit card information and safely pass the information from merchant account to the merchant bank account .In some cases it also stores the account details and use it for future payments. It is therefore very important that merchants find an advanced high risk payment gateway to accept payments. A well recommended and secured example are the high risk payment gateway services offered by PayQ.

PayQ services include the following; Security: PayQ provides safety and security to all its users with end to end inscription of all information. PayQ uses the non invasive 3D secure payment system to ensure end to inscription of all transaction information.
Smart transaction: PayQ system offers the most intelligent transactions in the market with the most recent routing systems embedded within its frame work.
With the PayQ system merchant stores will have to worry less about frequent fraudulent alerts. PayQ system offers top quality accountability in its transactions. With payQ , transaction records are guarded jealously in order to protect the interest of all clients using PayQ services. The PayQ high risk payment gateway system permitspermits merchant stores that use its services to be able to carry out cross border transaction with ease. Merchant stores using PayQ services are able to accept multiple currencies for their transactions. This goes a long way to increase their sales and overall output.
For any clarification Please email us at hello@payq.eu

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The importance of online security in our modern world cannot be over emphasized. As more
mobile devices become very popular around the world cyber criminals are also becoming more
knowledgeable and tricky. This poses great danger to payment gateways and online merchant
stores. This is the case as seen with high rates of fraudulent chargebacks, risky cross border
transactions and the use of high risk merchant accounts by merchant stores around the world. .
In worst case scenarios when a failed transaction is being initiated by a fraudulent foreign online
company the recovery of funds seems almost impossible. These and many other factors led to the
development of a secured online payment system called the 3 Domain secure system (3D secure

As a secured system, 3D security involves three different parties (Domain) during the payment
process of a particular good or service. These parties are ;
1) THE BANK: The bank issues the card being used (Issues domain)
2) THE MERCHANT: The person or shop to which the money is being paid.
3) NETWORK USED: example Visa / MasterCard.
When a transaction is initiated by a user of a 3-D Secure technology, the payment process is
being redirected to the website of the bank that has issued the card to authenticate the
transaction. 3-D Secure ask shoppers to enter either a static or dynamic password to help confirm
the identity of the cardholder during the time of purchase. For first time shoppers, a registration
process may be available at the time of the transaction itself. During the registration process
tokens (password) may be sent to the users registered EMAIL ID and Mobile Number associated
with the card. After verification payment is initiated and money withdrawn from the account.

The use of 3 D secured versions have evolved over time to more secured versions that provide
convenience to users.
With the 3D secure version 1.0 system, customers or online shoppers were expected to confirm
payment by filling a form sent to them from the bank where they had their accounts registered.
They were expected to insert passwords which were long and clunky and often times customers
forgot these passwords. This lengthy procedure led to abandonment of transactions in certain
cases and hence a general fall in sales of online merchants.
2) HIGH RISK MERCHANT ACCOUNTS: The use of the verion 1.0 created a situation
where fraudsters or hackers could easily access a merchant’s account or intrusion into the
payment network. This will; in many instances provoke a situation of fraudulent chargebacks by
3) FRAUDULENT CHARGEBACKS: Most at times, online buyers and consumers
usually chose passwords that are easy to remember and these made it easy for the password to be
guessed by potential fraudsters. Also, in the event of occurrence of fraud, merchant shop owners
were given huge sums of money to pay as fraudulent charge backs.
4) CROSS BORDER TRANSACTIONS: International businesses also faced many challenges
with 3DS 1.0. This was mainly due to the way payments were processed by different markets in different
countries. Every region has different security requirements and legislation, and the adoption of the 3DS
1.0 protocol in general was inconsistent from bank to bank and country to country. To handle these issue
3d security systems were used where it made sense and abandoned where it didn’t. This made cross
border transactions payments very risky. All the above points of friction led to the development of a more
advanced system “3D secure 2.0”

How it functions;

It uses token based biometric authentications instead of static password. The use of tokens
involves the use of popular sites (for example G mail accounts) and payment channels that are
used all over the world.
1. Security
3D security uses a combination of certified software developer kits (SDK) with paired data
sharing Application program interface (API). This implies that it can share private information
between businesses and banks within a relatively safe environment. This information can be kept
within the systems data base and could be used to influence future decisions. Also the use of
biometric authentication methods, such as face or voice recognition, finger prints, is considered
more secure than a static password. Also, they are much easier to use and create a better
experience for consumers. The security problems faced by merchant accounts “high risk
merchant accounts”, were reduced considerably. Also the security problems faced by cross
border transactions were addressed. This has gone a long way to reduce the rate of fraudulent
charge backs that merchant stores have to pay.
2. Increased confidence of the users
This is because when online shoppers know that their security is guaranteed they have increased
confidence when releasing their credit card information.
3. Blame avoidance and Risk Liability Shift
Merchants who own online stores will no longer take the blame for a failed transaction and the
influence of fraudsters in a system. By supporting additional data during transaction some risk
can be avoided by the complete cancellation of certain transactions or further postponement of
payment for verification purposes.
4. General increase in sales

The development of the 3d secure 2.0 has increased sales in cross border transactions worldwide.
Also with a drop in the events of fraudulent chargebacks merchants can realize more profit.
However even though 3 D secure 2.0 is better than 3D secure 1.0, there are still some issues that
technological innovations need to improve on.
 Owners of multiple digital devices are expected to go through verification processes that
one of the devices registered under their names may have already undertaken. This makes
some users to get pissed and abandon the transaction.
 When tokens are being sent to users, they involve the use of one time passwords ( OTP).
These passwords when sent needs to be delivered on time and used in some cases
immediately. There are cases where card holders have forgotten their passwords as well
inserted multiple passwords due to multiple send instructions for the tokens used. This
may lead to the use of wrong passwords and in certain cases transaction gets declined by
default as well as the abandonment of the transaction by customers.
 In most cases transactions are still being redirected to the domain issuers of the domain
servers. If the domain servers are in places where internets speed is low it may slow
down transactions and hence could lead to an abandonment of the entire process by the
For more help or information please email us at hello@payq.eu or call our support centre.

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Connecting a website to a payment processing network is a difficult task and typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online merchants. Most online businesses are regarded as highrisk businesses because of the excessive rates of charge back due to several reasons related to payment cancellations and fraud. These charge backs have the ability to make an online merchant store suffer significant losses. Online merchant stores and consumers expect online buying and selling to be easy. However, most electronic transactions involves so many players such as, banks, merchant stores processors, payment gateways just to name a few. These transactions from so many different servers trigger complex processes that require automation. In addition, technological advancement in the use of smart phones which contains applications for e-wallet as well as shifting purchasing patterns which are observed in cross border transactions from country to country have created a sincere need for top technology and quality delivery services. WHAT IS PAYQ ALL ABOUT? PayQ is a company specialized in offering payment solutions to web shops globally using latest end to end quality technologies which are customer-centric. Any merchant, who does online selling and has an e-commerce or a business website, needs to have a good payment gateway integrated into its business portal. The PayQ payment gateway system ensures the secured functioning of credit cards, debit cards, net banking, cash cards and other modes of payment. HOW MAYMENT GETS PROCESSED?  A customer places an order on Merchants website by pressing the 'Submit Order' or equivalent button, or perhaps enters their card details using an automatic phone answering service to an online store.  The online store then forwards the transaction details to the payment gateway, which contains a payment processor.  The payment processor forwards the transaction information to the card association brands like Visa/MasterCard/American Express  The credit card issuing bank receives the authorization request, verifies the credit or debit available and then sends a response back to the processor.  The processor forwards the authorization response to the payment gateway  The payment gateway receives the response, and forwards it on to the website (or whatever interface was used to process the payment) where it is interpreted as a relevant response then relayed back to the merchant account and cardholder.  The entire process typically takes 2–3 seconds.  When the customer approves the transaction, payments are being made. PAYQ PAYMENT GATEWAY SYSTEM A payment gateway system is a system that facilitates a payment transaction by transferring information between a payment portal (such as mobile phones) and bank using advanced security programs such as the 3 D security 2.0. For this to be successful the online store must have a merchant account. MERCHANT ACCOUNT: A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments in multiple ways typically through debit or credit cards. A merchant account is established under an agreement between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions. GENERAL QUALITIES OF A GOOD PAYMENT GATEWAY SYSTEM Irrespective of the company offering a payment gateway service, a good payment system should have the following characteristics; 1) COMPATIBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY Payment gateways should be able to adapt to the specific needs of a business. For example programming language, the processing of currencies, carry out payments in different scenarios. For example cross border exchange. Also there are new innovations coming up every day hence a good payment system should be able to adapt to new technologies quickly and should have the flexibility to expand the roots as per the new technology. 2) CONFIDENTIALITY It depends on several factors. For example the security systems used, the methods in which they handle customer payment forms. For example a website that keeps redirecting clients from secured means of payments to more unsecured means of payment by redirecting them to other links and websites is hardly trusted. Innovative payment providers should use many languages within their platform. 3) THE TECHNICAL INTEGRATION PROCESS should be fast, simple and easy to execute 4) TRANSACTION FEES Sometimes you get excited seeing very competitive fees on paper and you may think this is how much you will end up paying. Unfortunately, some payment gateways charge additional fees for certain services or the displayed fees are given only if certain conditions are met (local traffic, minimum volume required or refer to just one currency). Some systems charge annual monthly fees, set up fees, very low discount rate. All this may discourage merchants from using the system. 5) SECURITY Payment providers should have Digital security which includes data encryption and the latest software that protects customers as well as the merchant account. 6) CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM It could be very annoying for costumers when they can’t access the customer service departments. Payment processing is critical in every e-commerce business so the reaction has to be fast and all issues should be resolved immediately. For escalations or Refunds, Payment gateway companies assign Merchants a dedicated account manager who will assist Merchants in case of any misunderstanding. Customers could get frustrated if their request fails or a transaction fails after the money have been deducted. CHARACTERISTICS OF PAYMENTS POWERED BY PAYQ 1) COMPATIBILITY AND FLEXIBILITY Merchants can easily connect to the PayQ Payment Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Also there is a strong system to ensure the successful functioning of cross border transactions. PayQ offers payments to web shops globallyand can be integrated in hours to your existing webshop and PayQ supports most of the global plugins for ecommerce CMS. 2) CONFIDENTIALITY PayQ will power you to accept credit/debit card payments worldwide. This confidentiality is boosted with the implementation of the 3D secure 2.0 payment system. Any merchant store using PayQ services is sure to provide secured payment services using different currencies. 3) TECHNICAL INTERGRATION PROCESS Payments powered by PayQ are fast and easy to execute. 4) TRANSACTION FEES Comparatively cheaper and stable. PayQ charge some of the cheapest rates in the market.  2.9% per successful as compared to 4% by some companies.  No maintenance fee.  No Set Up Fee  No AMC or Annual Maintenance Fee  Payment accepted for visa and MasterCard which can be said to be the most popular credit card payments round the world. 5) SECURITY PayQ uses the latest security protocols, that is 3D SECURE version 2.0 . 3-D Secure 2.0 uses token-based biometric authentication, instead of static passwords. By supporting additional data during transactions, risk-based decisions will be possible on whether to authenticate or not. The consumer experience is being simplified and enhanced, through the elimination of the initial sign-up process and removing the need for cardholders to use static passwords. 6) CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM Available all through 24 hrs per day 7 days per week. The customer support service team is there to provide information regarding all products and services offered by PayQ and also help you to navigate the system. For any quarries, Email at hello@payq.eu and get a swift reply in just few minutes.
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