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Tips and Tricks for Merchant Account

It is the end of the year, the best time to sit back and take into account of all that has happened during the year. It should not come as a shock that you will discover that you might have paid more on transactions and other miscellaneous charges.
You are not alone in this case; a lot of businesses have fallen prey to high risk merchant account managers who end up ripping them of their hard earned money. Payment gateway is one of the most important businesses needs, that does not mean you should be ripped by high risk merchant account managers. As a business owner, you should understand high risk merchant account. It is a subset of services that allow businesses to accept card payments from customers. Credit card processors assign merchant to a number of categories. This also affect the payment schedule.
There are three different types of payment means that High risk merchant account charge. This is free of all the business jargon that you would find in other articles dwelling on the same issues:
Flat Rate: Flat rate payment is usually the best payment means for merchants who use payment gateway sparingly. It is usually not high risk merchant account, it allows you to pay per transaction and amount varies from one payment gateway to another. This payment type may be high by the end of the month but it is easy to follow as there are no ancillary or extra charges. The billing is simple and clear. Most high-risk merchant account does not offer flat rate payment as it is not easy to add unnecessary charges.

Tiered Rate:

The next form of payment form is tiered rate. This payment form is divided into three different types namely qualified, mid-qualified, non-qualified. Processors intensity bundle the rates process transaction and offer you facilities as tiers. It seems like the form of payment gateway form you would understand the most, that is not the truth in reality. It preys on ignorance to fleece the business owners of their hard earned money. That is exactly why the third mode of charging is best recommended.

Interchange plus:

This form of pricing is best for merchants who process a high amount of funds per month or per annum. This form of pricing does not fall under high risk merchant account and you can easily know where you stand since it carries a sort of contractual form. The process that the interchange plus payment gateway takes is very complex, that should mean that there will be a lot of hidden charges, right? Yet again, that is not true. The interchange point pricing system is complex but the charges are quite straightforward. PayQ for example, offers interchange plus plans to merchants in the enterprise edition. This saves a lot of cost. There can be many add-on fees associated with a merchant account so be sure to enquire before you sign up with a merchant account providing company and get a deal negotiated if you have high processing volume. This important part of the contractual deal allows you to negotiate the terms of your contract while you are on it. Beyond every aorta of doubt, PayQis your best-integrated payment gateway and merchant account provider; it is a high risk merchant account providing company that will give you the best value. It is time to give your business a boost; get on board. PayQ is simple, stauncher and safest payment gateway of all high-risk merchant account, and it also offers the best rates in the industry. If you want to process your payment in real time and give your business a boost, PayQ is the platform for you.
For any enquiries, email at hello@payq.eu or call customer support at +44-1213680164

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