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Beyond Just Regular Payments, Cross Border Transactions Powered By PayQ

An innovative start-up conceptualised by Shibabrata Bhaumik!

ShibabrataBhaumik, a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist is far beyond an investor and founder of a start up. He is one of the most famous start-up coach and pioneer of digital payment system. Bhaumik completed his specialization in banking and finance industry that led him to work with various multi-national banks. Owing to his consistency and sustained performance, he has established a career, which is dynamic and is now excelling in technology to create solutions for a rich and engaging experience world wide for both users and merchants specially for the cross border transaction and high risk merchant acquiring.

Shibabrata’s operational and strategic leadership skills have turned his start-up from a 3 employees set up to a network of Fintech professionals in the social economic ladder building trust and excellence to enhance the digital experience about how transactions can happen in microseconds and get settled to the merchant instantly.

He has the strong analytical and presentation skills that easily influence and engage people because he believes networking to be one of the most important reasons behind success. He was recently been nominated for “Top 100 Exceptional NRI Entrepreneur” and “Dynamic CEO Business Award, London”.

While working with financial sector, he realized a gap that persisted in transaction and online payments and hence worked tirelessly to solve it. His remarkable success can be measured by the success of the first phase (Beta Version) launce of PayQ and well-intentioned realisation of more than 10,000 merchants globally.


About PayQ:

PayQ, an incomparable start-up by Shibabrata is now a leading network with more than 100 banks and can board merchants worldwide. It has been a leading system of payment acceptance due to emerging new techniques. PayQ has made internet based payment easy by making the system so global and robust. Reaching out to merchants living miles away has never been so easy and receiving payments as early as within two days with a proper check and balance system never seemed so practical and attainable in the past, but Shibabrata has made it possible with his futuristic and committing approach. High risk payment gateways are now made easy by the fast, reliable and secure transmission of transacted data.

CEO of PayQ, Shibabrata quotes, “PayQ is not only a brand rather a it’s a helping system to facilitate other small businesses to grow by leaps and bounds and flourish the global economy and create numerous job prospects”. He has based his innovative idea on an approach to provide advantage to all businesses; no matter how extended or small they are, to accept payments globally.

Some of the salient features provided by PayQ include:

  • Accepting payments globally via debit/credit cards and providing a set of rules for frauds.
  • 3 D secure system based on XML protocol which you can eliminate for your trusted customers.
  • Award winning security against fraud by providing 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Support High risk industries like payment gateway for technical support
  • You can try a test account via sandbox environment and can sign up once you are confident enough.
  • Billing your customers in their local currency to add ease and comfort.
  • Multi-lingual support system which has more than 10 foreign languages to facilitate customers with their payment options.

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 160 Kemp House, City Road,
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PayQ Flag +1-800-980-1819

PayQ Flag +44-1213-680-164

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We understand winning is more important than individuality We work as a team with our valued merchants. Most importantly, we don’t hide behind email. Our award wining customer support team would love to say hello and will always help you. Apply now and go live instantly.

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