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PayQ makes card payment acceptance simple for any Internet based business. Going global has never been so simple with our seamless payment processing system. No matter where your customers are on the map, PayQ can help you to reach them.

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Simply join with your email and start accepting payments in 2 days. We do our KYC checks asynchronous in the background to approve you for payouts. We have simplified our onboarding procedures to empower our valued merchant.

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Dynamic Descriptor

Stay in control of your business when your customer reviews their card statement transaction. You can set up the text as per your business requirement on the cardholder’s account statement ensuring your customer recognize the purchase.

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Simple Pricing

No setup fee or surprises. Simple and Clear pricing. Absolutely no hidden fees and no extra charges for fraud protection or recurring payments. Pay only for what you use. We have simplified our pricing to make sense for you and for your business

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Your payment partner

PayQ assembles the most intense and adaptable Internet e-Commerce payment processing for web based businesses. Regardless of whether you're making a membership payment model or an web retail store or your business engages in cross border transactions or into crowd funding platform, PayQ’s smart APIs and unmatched usefulness enable you to make the most ideal and seamless payment processing experience for your customers.
Thousands of world's most inventive innovation organizations are scaling up speedier and all the more proficiently by building their organizations by partnering with PayQ as their payment partner.

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Customers Are the Heart of every Business

Disregard retail framework worked for faceless exchanges — there is something better. Our payment-processing environment is intended to work the way you consider your business – starting with customer acquisition to tally and reconciliation of your payments. It's a brilliant, proficient and smart way to manage your clients, accept payments from them and create your brand loyalty.
Your customer wants simple and fast buying experience no matter if they are in-store or web e-Store or they are the trendy Mobile checkout customers. That’s why our Omni channel payment system works with no interferences or interruptions; only a secure and faster payments, every time, every where.

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Expand your brand across the world

Your customer can be anywhere around the world and we power you to accept payment either with local or international cards and cover you with multiple presentment and settlement currencies.

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We trust that processing payments is more of code driven than finance. We fanatically search out exquisite, composable deliberations that empower robust, versatile, adaptable and scalable integrations. Since we wipe out unnecessary multifaceted details and unessential subtle elements, you can get up and running with PayQ in just 2 Days.

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 International House, 12 Constance Street,
London E16 2DQ, United Kingdom.

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At PayQ, there is no such thing as good enough, it just has to be the best!

With PayQ, it’s always about pushing your limits. You don't come to PayQ unless you're really good at what you do. The reason you're here; the reason you were hired is because you're at the top of your field or you have the potential to grow in the payment industry.

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We understand winning is more important than individuality!

We understand winning is more important than individuality We work as a team with our valued merchants. Most importantly, we don’t hide behind email. Our award wining customer support team would love to say hello and will always help you. Apply now and go live instantly.

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